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Amino EAA Xplode (520g)

Olimp Sports Nutrition
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To whom is recommended AMINO EAA Xplode?

The product is recommended mainly to all sportsmen, specifically around the exercising period. 

The product is also recommended to individuals on slimming or other diets associated with the risk of deficit of amino acids

Model Amino Acids Profile  
Total amino acids: 8 430mg
1,2 L-leucine 2 125mg
1,2 L-isoleucine 1 120mg
1,2 L-valine 1 418mg
1 L-lysine 1 325mg
1 L-threonine 683mg
1,3 L-phenylalanine 630mg
1 L-methionine 426mg
L-histidine 22mg
1,3 L-tryptophan 16mg
L-glutamic acid 227mg
L-aspartic acid 132mg
L-proline 76mg
L-alanine 62mg
L-serine 62mg
L-arginine 30mg
3 L-tyrosine 30mg
L-cysteine 24mg
Glycine 23mg