Amino Rev Black Series (390g)
Amino Rev Black Series (390g)-Musclesport-Supplement Mad
Amino Rev Black Series (390g)-Musclesport-Supplement Mad
Amino Rev Black Series (390g)

Amino Rev Black Series (390g)

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When you combine BCAA and EAA together in unison with the MTOR-Activating Anabolic Recovery Matrix and Revolutionary Cellular Recovery & Hydration Matrix,

It makes AminoREV the best amino acid supplement out!

  • Amino9™ is a unique and powerful blend of EAA that may be better than protein for building muscle – just 1.5g of Amino9™ was found to increase anabolism as much as 40g whey protein!
  • Leucine is the amino acid responsible for triggering Muscle Protein Synthesis, enhancing muscle growth and recovery.
  • Cornerstone™ HICA and PureKIC® are leucine metabolites with even greater potential for reducing Muscle Protein Breakdown and increasing total muscle anabolism alongside the EAAs.
  • AstraGin® maximizes amino acid absorption to ensure athletes get the absolute most out of every bit of AminoREV.
  • NordicCherry™ tart cherry powder has been thoroughly demonstrated to increase recovery from exercise, decrease soreness, and improve performance.