Assimilation (60 Servings)

Assimilation (60 Servings)

Mutagenic Labs
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120 Capsules - 60 Servings

Servings Size - 2 Capsules

Ingredients list per serving

  • Gymnema slyvestre 500gms
  • Bitter melon extract (containing 10% momordicine bitters) 400mg
  • Berberine 300mg
  • Cinnamon extract 200mg
  • 4-hydroxyisoleucine 100mg
  • Resveratrol 100mg
  • Vitamins (calcium ascorbate) 50mgs
  • Alpha lipoic acid 30mg
  • L taurine 25mgs
  • Piperine 5mg


Mutagenic Labz Assimilation is a Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA) and is essential for anyone who wants to enhance nutrient partitioning and stabilising blood glucose levels. Ultimately, this greatly improves your ability to gain lean muscle mass and reduce body fat levels. Whether you’re bulking or cutting, a GDA is a must-have staple in any supplement regime.

  • Contains 10 research-backed ingredients
  • Minimises fat storage
  • Helps to optimise blood glucose levels
  • Shuttles carbs into muscle cells
  • Carbohydrates are used for muscle glycogen storage instead of fat stores
  • Perfect for carb-up before a competition
  • Promotes insane muscle fullness, crazy pumps and vascularity like never before
  • Helps build quality muscle mass that won’t disappear after use
  • Increases endurance levels
  • A must-have for any athlete or bodybuilder
  • Vegan-friendly (veggie caps are used for all Mutagenic Labz products)


A GDA’s primary function is to decrease the amount of insulin secreted by the body when consuming carbohydrate-rich meals. They in a way act as insulin and shuttle glucose into muscle cells and therefore less insulin is needed to be released by the body.

Although insulin is very beneficial for carrying glucose to muscle cells, on the downside it is also responsible for moving glucose into fat cells. Hence why insulin is often given such a bad name.

By decreasing the amount of insulin secreted by the body, it will in turn help optimize insulin receptors and aid in decreasing fat gains. The Glucose Disposal Agent can then be responsible for shuttling glucose into muscle and stay away from fat cells. Thus leading to decreased fat gain and increased lean muscle gain.

After consuming food, insulin acts to drive proteins, carbohydrates and fats into muscle and fat. Those with poor insulin sensitivity will associate insulin with increased fat gain, whilst those with good insulin sensitivity see the amazing benefits of the commonly-misunderstood hormone. Insulin is associated with optimal glycogen storage in muscles; it gives you the fullness and pump, it provides your body with energy, effectively driving performance gains.


Mutagenic Labz Assimilation seeks to harness the power of insulin, considered by many as the most important anabolic hormone of them all. It will allow you to eat more carbs to help promote lean muscle gain, improve performance and limit the number of carbohydrates eventually being stored as body fat.

Not only will Mutagenic Labz Assimilation limit fat gain but it will also ensure that the carbohydrates are used efficiently used by the body. By taking Assimilation with your pre-workout meal it will enhance the uptake of these carbs into glycogen within the muscle which then can be used as fuel when training. Glycogen full muscles when training will lead to greater muscle connection and longer pumps when training.


Berberine: One of the key ingredients in Assimilation is the research-backed compound Berberine. Many studies show that berberine can significantly reduce blood sugar levels.

ALA: has also been studied for both its antioxidant and blood-glucose-lowering effects.

Cinnamon extract: lowers glucose, insulin and cholesterol in people with elevated serum glucose.

Gymnema sylvestre: helps to lower blood sugar levels, improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduces sugar cravings, and reduces inflammation. This herb is thought to inhibit sugar absorption and thus has become a popular study subject in Western medicine.

Bitter melon: has been found to offer a host of health benefits to help treat or prevent diabetes, inflammation, constipation, ulcers, respiratory diseases and malaria. It is a powerful antioxidant and immune system modulator. Clinical studies have shown that bitter melon suppresses the appetite and decreases blood sugar levels. In this way, it behaves similarly to insulin.

Fenugreek: has been found to have potential anti-diabetic effects. It improves digestive problems and cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, helps to manage blood sugar levels. Several clinical trials have shown that that the seeds can improve most metabolic symptoms associated with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in humans, by lowering blood glucose levels and improving glucose tolerance.

Resveratrol: is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols which act as antioxidants, protecting the body against damage that can put you at higher risk for things like cancer and heart disease. Resveratrol helps prevent insulin resistance, reducing the risk of diabetes. Researchers believe that resveratrol activates the SIRT1 gene which is believed to protect the body against the effects of obesity and the diseases of ageing.

Calcium ascorbate (Vitamin C): reduces blood glucose levels, improves skeletal muscle oxidative stress and insulin sensitivity.

Taurine: promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation. Various animal studies support the anti-obesity and lipid-lowering capabilities of taurine, both alone and combined with other natural products. These studies highlight taurine’s ability to improve glucose tolerance in obese animals.


All Glucose Disposal Agent supplements are best taken 15-20 minutes before any large carbohydrate meal. We recommend supplementing a GDA with any carb-rich meal over 50g carbs and an extra capsule with any meal exceeding 100g carbs like in a post-workout meal or the occasional cheat meal.

Mutagenic Labz Assimilation is safe to use for both men and women as it doesn’t affect the endocrine system; it is non-hormonal and therefore doesn’t affect the amount of testosterone and estrogen the body produces. This means that there is zero-risk of specific hormonal imbalances and unwanted side-effects such as heightened aggression or hair loss.

Assimilation is also commonly stacked with Cardarine and SR-9009 for optimising fat loss.