Switch On Black Edition 300g
Switch On Black Edition 300g
Switch On Black Edition 300g

Switch On Black Edition 300g

Brain Gains
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What is Brain Gains Switch On Black Edition?

Brain Gains was created for high-level thinking, gaming & physical training. It improves brain functions; like memory, creativity, focus and motivation - boosted with the proven and patented ingredient Teacrine.

The new black edition has taken the great formula and improved it wit some excellent stimulants.

What is the added extras?

SwitchOn Black Edition now includes 200mg of PurCaf™ organic caffeine, 150mg of Dynamine™ and an extra 50mg of Teacrine™, essentially SwitchOn is now infused with stimulants, which will certainly add a lot more energy to your experience, although the changes don’t end there. 

On top of the added stimulants, we have switched to premium, branded versions of a few ingredients for the Black Edition of Switch On. Instead of the generic forms, the product now features KSM-66™ ashwagandha, SerinAid™ phosphatidylserine, and AlphaSize™ alpha-GPC.

What are the key features of Brain Gains?

  • Zero sugar
  • Clean energy
  • Laser-like focus
  • Improved memory
  • Elevated mood
  • Anxiety support

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