Budget Intra Stack
Budget Intra Stack

Budget Intra Stack

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The ultimate budget intra workout stack combines two, great value, 30 serving, intra workout supplements and creates the ultimate anabolic combo, Carbs + Protein + Training = Maximum Anabolism! 

The CS EAA offers 4 amazing flavours to choose from while the SN Intra Carb+ comes unflavoured to partner perfectly with which ever flavour you choose!

SN Intra Carb+

Per Serving (30.5g)

Dipotassium Phosphate 500mg **

of which Potassium 225mg - 11.25% RDI of which Phosphorus 89mg - 12.70% RDI

Cluster Dextrin® 25000mg **

D-Ribose 2500mg **

Glycersize® 2500mg **