CarniShred (60 Servs)
CarniShred (60 Servs)
CarniShred (60 Servs)
CarniShred (60 Servs)

CarniShred (60 Servs)

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  • Two Forms Of L-Carnitine
  • Novel, Patented Thermogenics and Metabolism Boosting Ingredients*
  • Aids Lipid Metabolism and ATP Production*
  • Enhances Brown Adipose Tissue Activation*
  • Minimizes Exercise-induced Muscle Damage, Muscular Fatigue, and Soreness
  • 60 Servings per Container

Q: How does L-Carnitine work?

A: Simply put, L-Carnitine promotes the use of fats as fuel in your body by transporting long-chain fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria for subsequent fat breakdown and energy production.

Q: Does CarniShred™ contain any stimulants?

A: No, CarniShred™ contains no stimulants, such as caffeine. As such, it can be stacked with other thermogenics or pre workouts, such as Kodiak Attack.

Q: What is a thermogenic?

A: A thermogenic is any substance or ingredient that causes heat production. In this case, body heat. Increased heat production can increase metabolism and the number of calories burned at rest or during exercise.

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