GEAAR (30 Servs)
GEAAR (30 Servs)
GEAAR (30 Servs)

GEAAR (30 Servs)

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  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH Recovery & Energy, contains no binders or fillers and is 100% instantized for maximum solubility.
  • 100% VEGAN FERMENTED AMINO ACIDS 9.4g EAAs + Arginine, 7g BCAAs, 4g Leucine
  • ADDED ELECTROLYTES Coconut Water, Sea Salt, Magnesium Bisglycinate and Aquamin Red Algae to maximize muscle hydration and athletic performance.
  • INFORMED CHOICE Banned substances Tested formula by Informed Choice for over 200 banned substances.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE no synthetic colours, dyes or artificial flavours. Clinical strength essential amino acid formula with no proprietary blends
  • Item display weight: 0.378 kilograms

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