Peak O2 (30 Servs)

Peak O2 (30 Servs)

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What are the benefits of Peak O2?

Peak O2 may:

    • Improve VO2 max

    • Improve time to exhaustion

    • Improve power output

    • Improve ventilatory threshold

    • Improve work out capacity

To Get The Best Results Peak O2 Needs To Be Loaded

So really the take-home point here is Peak O2 has been demonstrated to improve multiple facets of endurance performance.

But here's the caveat, Peak O2 needs to be loaded.

So after the first week of taking Peak O2, you may notice improvements in endurance/ performance but really the effects becomes much more noticeable after about three weeks.

So it's kinda like Creatine or Beta-Alanine where it needs to be loaded to have the greatest effects.