Pharma-Z (50 Servings)
Pharma-Z (50 Servings)

Pharma-Z (50 Servings)

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Relieve Stress And Anxiety And Improve Cognitive Function. Achieve An All-Around Sense Of “Feel-Good!"

Imagine You Are Lounging Back on Your Beach Chair as  Waves Are Crashing and Seagulls are Chirping Above As You’re Transported to Your Happy Place: This is Where You can Rest, Relax, and Recover from Life’s “Fast Lane” and Calm the Chaos in Your Brain along with Your Body’s Soreness and Pain. 

Tranquil Body and Mind: All Natural, Anti-Stress and Anxiety to get you rested, relaxed, and recovered. Pharma-Z is Nature's ”Happy Pill.” PHARMA Z is used to relieve stress and anxiety, improve cognitive function, and to transport users to an all-around sense of “feel-good.” 



Suggested use: take 1-2 capsules to experience mood-enhancing, anxiety-reducing, and improved cognitive function. Users may combine with other Psycho Pharma products to increase the cognitive mood-enhancing Zen-like focus effects