Primal One (30 Servs)
Primal One (30 Servs)
Primal One (30 Servs)

Primal One (30 Servs)

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Never intended to be more than a limited run, this proof of concept has helped pave the way for Primal One. A trinity of stimulants, each serves a purpose to enhance the performance of the athlete. The signature of the Primal formulas has always been to leave the athlete in control; the responsibility is to allow focus to be the primary goal. When moving extreme weight we want our athletes to have unrivalled confidence and control, but there’s a little chaos added to Primal One. Expect brutality.

Please DO NOT exceed 1 and a half scoops.

Available in two flavours and 30 servings…

Please note the Ape Spit formula is jet black, yeah… we did that on purpose and the flavour may divide the room… the results however won’t. Primal One is for the extreme lifts and competition.

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