Smart Cake Variety Pack (4)

Smart Cake Variety Pack (4)

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Pack Includes the following: (Leave a note on the order if you wish to customise)

1 x Birthday Cake

1 x Carrot Cake

1 x Salted Carame

1 x Jaffa Cake

Mmmm CAKE!! If only we could have our cake AND eat it without diet destroying consequences....funny story, now we CAN! 'The Smart Choice' when it comes to cake! Birthday Cake Smart (Protein) Cake is here, that's right...a GIANT cookie-style cake dunk'd in sweet white chocolate fondant and topped with crunchy, colourful confetti like sprinkles! Containing 15g proteinless than 2g sugar AND an awesome baked, cake sponge centre fill with a gooey fruit fondant!