Snack Box Junior

Snack Box Junior

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The snack box junior, containing 5 irresistible protein bars from around the world at the lowest price ever, keep an eye on our Instagram page to keep up to date with the monthly Snack Box Junior

This months box contains:

1 x PhD Smart Bar - Birthday Cake or White Choc Blondie or Choc Peanut Butter - 20g P

1 x Applied Nutrition - Protein Indulgence Bar - Birthday Cake  - 15g Protein

1 x Dymatize - Elite Layer Bar - Coffee Chocolate - 22g Protein

1 x Battle Bites - Candy Cane - 20g Protein

1 x Myprotein - Protein Cookie - White Choc Almond - 38g Protein

If any of these are out of stock it will be replaced with an alternative we have in stock, give us a message on IG @supplement_mad if you have any further questions.


Snack Box Vegan & Snack Box Big Daddy Coming Sooooonnn......

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