Vitamin B Complex 120 Tabs (120 Servings)

Vitamin B Complex 120 Tabs (120 Servings)

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We bring you our Advanced Vitamin B Complex supplement that delivers the bioactive forms of these specific vitamins. Furthermore it contains no Folic Acid and delivers its Folate content through the highly absorbable L-5-MTHF.

Size: 120 tablets

Serving Size: 1 tablet 

Servings: 120 


Per Serving (1 Tablet)

Vitamin B1 - 25mg

Vitamin B2 - 10mg

Vitamin B3 - 25mg

Vitamin B5 - 25mg

Vitamin B6 - 10mg

Vitamin B12 -500mcg

Folate - 400mcg

Biotin - 500mcg

BioPerine - 2mg