Whey Protein Complex 2.27Kg

Whey Protein Complex 2.27Kg

Olimp Sports Nutrition
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  • High quality whey with 26g protein per scoop
  • Extensive amino acid profile for max growth and recovery
  • Low in fat, carbohydrates and sugars
  • Can be used any time of day
  • Premium protein composition
  • 61 Servings per bag
  • Whey protein concentrate & Whey protein Isolate blend

Ultrafiltered Whey Protein

The CFM Isolate and the whey protein concentrate used in Whey Protein Complex 100% are characterized by their high nutritional value. Obtained using advanced technological processes, they maintain their complete structure and functional whey protein activity. Their high nutritional value was the reason why concentrated whey proteins are considered the most valuable source of dietary protein for competitive athletes and active people. 

Olimp Sports introduces its newest, top quality ultrafiltered protein powder. A superior blend of the mixability and taste of whey protein concentrate with the quality of whey isolate. Whey protein concentrate provides greater taste profiles than other powders, but Olimp combines this with whey isolate. This makes it a superior whey complex with a higher biological value and ultimately, a higher anabolic capacity than other proteins.


Supplement facts:
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (35g)
Serving Per Container: 61

Amount Per Serving:
Energy 566 kJ / 134 kcal
Fat  1.5g
of which saturated 0.2g
Carbohydrate  3.9g
of which sugars  1.4g
Protein  26g
Salt 0.30g

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